Posix @ Home

  • Home Backup

    With everyone storing pictures on their phones and computers today it is more important now than ever to keep a good working backup, do you really want to lose those important memories?

  • Virus Protection

    No matter how hard we try at some stage a virus or malware will hit your computer and cause you problems, are you ready for it? speak to Posix today and let us help protect you.

  • Router & WiFi

    Is your WiFi protected? can anyone use your internet connection or access your router because you haven’t changed the default username and password? It so important to keep your home safe from unwanted guests.

  • Computer Services

    Problems with Windows, Mac or even Linux Posix can support and help you get your computer back to good working order. From health checks to complete systems rebuilds we can take care of any issues you might be having.

  • Tablet & Smartphone

    With more and more people using handheld tech it is important to keep things safe and running smoothly and Posix is here to help, we support all flavours such as IOS, Android and Windows from all hardware manufacturers so if you have problems with any aspects of your handheld device call us today.

Competitive Pricing On Everything!

Posix can also supply hardware at great competitive prices and to add to this value for money we can deliver and setup right in your home with training if required. With Posix you get the full package from purchase to enjoying your new equipment and if things should go wrong please dont worry as we can support you every step of the way.

Need help with any of the above and more? or just need a new computer?