Desktop Support

Computers a great until they go wrong 🙁 or become incredible slow, this happens over time with computers as you install and uninstall programs, surf the web and then you get to the point where the system is almost unusable…

Well don’t fear, Posix desktop services are here to help you get your computer running smoothly again, from a simple clean up to a full system rebuild to make it feel like new again 🙂

Service we offer are;

  • System health check
  • Increase start up and running speeds
  • Virus/spyware/malware check and removal
  • Firewall check
  • Backup testing
  • Disk clean up and defragmentation
  • Registry clean
  • Removal of unwanted software
  • Software updates such as Windows and other software

Make your desktop computer feel new again with Posix Desktop Services!